Swim Wycombe Talent Programme

The Swim Wycombe Talent Program offers two different ways of connecting to our club. Become a WDSC Partner Club or join our Link Club Program for Clubs or individuals looking for that next step in their training.

Application forms and more information can be requested from WDSC Head Coach, Kevin Brooks.

Performance swimmers (under 18's through their parents or coach) wishing to supplement their “home club” training programme and/or get more information, including costs, should contact Kevin by email.

Ideally, Coaches will liaise direct with Kevin, however, if direct contact is made by parents/swimmers then Kevin will reach out to each swimmers home coach to gain insight and approval for additional training oppourtunties, wherever possible, on a case by case basis. Through disucssion with each swimmers home coach, swimmers may not be deemed ready/suitable for such an offering just yet - in terms of their development or training capabilities.

Kevin will provide an application form to complete upon request.

Kevin Brooks, Head Coach - [email protected] 


With a weekly Long Course session, led by Olympic Level Coach Kevin Brooks. 

The session takes place every* Sunday morning at Wycombe Leisure Centre 07:00 to 09:00am with optional Land Training provided from 09:00 to 10:00am. (*dependent on competitions and meets at the pool). The swimmers “home coach” is invited to attend and work collaboratively with the WDSC Head Coach and the Wycombe Coaching Team (not compulsory). Additional or replacement sessions (to Sunday morning) may also be opened up to certain swimmers, at the discretion of the WDSC Head Coach. The same sessional costs still apply. 

Should applications be in excess of what we can accept, places will be prioritised in the following order:

  1. GB International Representation in previous season or this season.
  2. Identified Swimmers that are part of the Swim Wycombe Partner Club Programme, transitioning to WDSC
  3. Highest ranked swimmers based on National Rankings, within each British Nationals Age Groups over the last 12 months
  4. Summer Festival 'Virtual' Medalists
  5. National Qualifiers – those that competed at British/English Nationals 2019
  6. Regional Finalists

For those swimmers not at these above levels, please see information in the notes section below; about how you could transition or link into one of our Potential or Competitive Squads at WDSC (Short or Long Course Training)

All selections/invitations are at the sole discretion of the WDSC Head Coach. A swimmers age and training background will be taken into account; as swimmers will be slotted in with the WDSC Performance Squads and wherever possible, a converstation and partnership arrnagement will be required from the swimmers 'home' coach.


Clubs that have previously been involved

Since 2014 at the start of this Talent programme, the following clubs have been involved either regulary, or on an adhoc basis in the lead up to importnat events for each Club:

  • Abingdon Vale Swimming Club
  • Amersham Swimming Club
  • Bicester Blue Fins Swimming Club
  • Chesham Swimming Club
  • City of Milton Keynes Swimming Club
  • Didcot Barramundi Swimming Club
  • Maxwell Swim Club
  • Maidenhead Swimming Club
  • Natare West London Swimming Club
  • Thame Swimming Club
  • Tonbridge Swimming Club
  • Witney & District Swimming Club
  • 4Shires Swimming Club

At various times the swimmers home coach have been working poolside with the Wycombe coaches, although this isn't always taken up, depending on club and coach commitments.


Partner Club Program

Wycombe District Swimming Club is establishing a local talent program which places the development of swimmers, clubs and coaches at its heart. The relationship that is built around “Swim Wycombe” is one that develops a sustainable pathway for swimmers from local clubs into performance swimming at Wycombe through a supportive, encouraging and swimmer centred partnership. A true “performance daily training environment” that can truly provide all that’s needed for swimmers to qualify (and achieve) on the Junior and Senior International stage.

Passport to Performance Scheme

3 months of attending progressively more WDSC Club sessions in addition to the swimmers home clubs program (training sessions at existing club). After 3 months – swimmer then commits fully to the WDSC Performance Program

After 3 months the full cost of the relevent WDSC Performance Squad is payable. Dual training can continue after 3 months if deemed appropriate and that the end goal is full integration into WDSC Performance Programme

  • Swimmers dual register to Wycombe District Swimming Club for insurance and inclusion purposes.
  • Minimum standard: English Summer National Level. However specific standards to initially be agreed with each partner club by both Head Coaches.
  • Swimmers compete for WDSC at Regional & National Level & their home club at County Level initially.
  • Only once the swimmer commits fully to the training programme of the WDSC Performance Squads will they be expected to represent WDSC at all levels, including (if selected for) the National Arena League team.

Hub Sessions for groups of swimmers

(Long Course Training for County & Regional Level swimmers from Partner Clubs)

Up to 6 times per year the clubs working in partnership with WDSC (through the Passport to Performance Scheme) will be allowed access to the Long Course WDSC Performance session (Sunday morning). This access will be provided whilst the WDSC Performance swimmers are absent and attending high level meets or championships. This will provide the next “tier” of swimmers at the WDSC Partner Clubs (and at WDSC itself) the opportunity to access 50m pool time, within the 'community' of clubs that come under the “Swim Wycombe Talent Programme” banner.

These sessions will be led by one of the Full Time WDSC Coaches and the partner clubs Head Coaches are expected to be present, in order to coach alongside the WDSC Coach in a Team environment.

Invited swimmers from each partner club (and invited WDSC Competitive Squad Swimmers) will be mixed up into varying stroke/distance groups and the coaching will be tailored to each group or age group etc.

This opportunity will cost each swimmer £4 per session (includes optional Land Training) – 50% reduction from Talent Top Up due to “Passport to Performance Scheme” Partnership.

The number of swimmers invited to each “Partner Club Hub Session” will be determined by the number of clubs involved and the space available. This will be confirmed to each clubs Head Coach by WDSC before invites go out for the session.

Wherever possible these Long Course Partner Club Hub Sessions will be arrange and communicated in advance at the start of the season (once fixtures are known)

Coach Education, Mentorship Round Table Discussions

One of the aims of the “Swim Wycombe Talent Programme” is to facilitate opportunities for coaches to learn off each other and for WDSC & its partner clubs to work together on the running of courses, CPD opportunities etc. Information sharing and best practice will be at the heart of everything we do.

This opportunity extends to the Clubs Head Coaches, right down to the each clubs poolside helpers.
An exact calendar of mentorship and learning will be agreed with each club in the Swim Wycombe Talent Program Joint Club Activities Opportunities

MiniJunior Development Meets at Wycombe Sports Centre Saturday afternoons. An opportunity for WDSC and its partner clubs to provide localised competitive opportunities for 7 to 11 year olds in a fun, rewarding an inclusive environment.

  • Possibility for joint training camp initiatives for varying levels of swimmers
  • Joint Skills workshops



Link Program

Weekly Talent Top Up sessions for individuals only

  • Sunday morning Long Course session 07:00 – 09:00am
  • Sunday morning Performance Land Training Session 09:00 – 10:00am 
  • Minimum standard: English Summer National Level. However specific standards to initially be agreed with each partner club by both Head Coaches.
  • Swimmers use this session as a “top up” to their home clubs training programme, similar to how the ASA Beacon programme used to work.
  • Swimmers don’t compete for WDSC
  • Swimmers dual register to WDSC for insurance and inclusion purposes
  • Swimmers pay £8 per session (Swim & Land Training) and commit to one quarters worth of training, with no commitment to continue (or be invited to continue) after this time. (Payments are taken in advance and for the whole quarter)
  • Swimmers will be invited to continue every quarter upon review with the WDSC Head Coach & Swimmers Home Coach
  • The Swimmers “home coach” is invited to work with the WDSC Head Coach at these sessions.







Notes & Conditions of Partnership & Link Club Programmes

A “Partner Club” is deemed a club that is actively working with the WDSC Coaching Team to develop relations and actively working towards (and supporting) the pathway of talented swimmers from their club to Wycombe; through the “Passport to Performance Scheme”.

Participation in the program by individuals can be withdrawn, at the WDSC Head Coaches discretion at anytime.

Participation in the program by clubs can be withdrawn, at the joint WDSC Committee & WDSC Head Coach discretion at anytime.

The WDSC "Swim Wycombe Talent Program" (entire scheme) can be withdrawn at any time by the WDSC Committee.

The “standards” required for the “Passport to Performance Scheme” will be determined per club, based on the current development of that club and the levels of swimmers currently being produced.


If swimmers are not at the required level for the Performance Programme the Partner & Link sessions can be established with the Potential and Competitive Squads at WDSC.

These sessions are usually Short Course, however, a Long Course (50m) session could be provided to some identified individuals on:

  • Tuesday mornings for those suitable for Potential One and; 
  • Wednesday morning for those suitable for Junior Competitive or Senior Competitive.
  • All swimmers must meet the age & criteria requirements of these squads.

Please contact Kevin Brooks, our head coach, to discus potential options for you or your swimmers, sould you not meet the requirements of the Performance Programme.


Partner clubs are expected to promote the partnership through notice boards, web sites and other communication methods in order to create openness and awareness.



Contact us today and make a difference to your performance!

A network which aims to develop local talent through partnerships that create opportunity, whilst enabling a smooth transition into a true performance training environment Interested in being part of the program?


Local Clubs

Please contact WDSC Head Coach Kevin Brooks to discuss the options available and how your club can link or partner with our Swim Wycombe Talent programme and how you can potentially access 50m training time / support services that are on offer at WDSC.


Speak to your coach to determine if this programme will be suitable for you. Alternatively, contact WDSC Head Coach Kevin Brooks to discuss the options available to you.