Thinking of Joining?

What we do

Wycombe District swimming club provides aquatic activities for fitness, competition and fun. The benefits of swimming include building up your knowledge on safety, improved health, stamina, strength and meeting new people. As with all sports the more you put into the sport, the more you will get out of it.

The club is one of the top performing UK swimming clubs, but its not all about the performance we also believe that sport is about your own personal achievements. We aim to be an inclusive welcoming club and are proud of our #oneteam ethos.

How the Club Works

The aim of the Wycombe District Swimming Club is to provide an environment for the coaching and development of swimming and to provide the opportunity and encouragement to enable all of its membership to reach their full potential within the sport of swimming. The club is a charity run by its members for the promotion of the sport in the area. The club is relies on volunteers to manage the club, run events and assist with the coaching and we need you to get involved. The Charity Trustees work with a management committee elected by the members to run the day to day activities.

The club holds and AGM each year when it reports to the membership and elects the committee and Trustees.

Volunteers are active across all aspects of the club, from coaching to management and administration. Volunteering has many recognised benefits including

  • It makes you happier. People who volunteer in sport often feel a sense of pride and say that their life has a sense of purpose.
  • You’ll meet new people. Volunteering in sport is a great way to make new friends and connections. A shared love of sport often leads to new friendships. You won’t only connect with the other volunteers in the club, but attending meetings and events is a good way to get to know club members and the wider community too.
  • It’s a great way to develop new skills. Volunteering can help you to improve current skills or develop new ones. Different roles will offer different opportunities. So volunteering doesn’t only benefit your club, but also you as a volunteer. .


We believe that volunteering for the club is the best way you can support your swimmers.  It ensures that club money is only spent on in areas such as facility hire, equipment and coaching leadership and training.  We rely on the members and their families to provide their skills to the club where they can be most effective in order to keep the costs of a quality provision affordable for all the swimmers.


Where do I start?

Young Swimmers (Under 11)

If you are a swimmer progressing from lessons then we will probably take you into our Academy programme.

We take children into the Club's Academy and Stroke Improver Classes, after they have reached level 7/8 (NPTS) following their Learn to Swim Program. In our Stroke Improver section at the club we concentrate on the three main strokes of Front crawl, Breaststroke and Backstroke, with the emphasis on stroke work. Following the Stroke Improvers squads, swimmers progress into our Academy or Development program.

Older Swimmers (11+)

Older children are welcome but the level they join at will be dependent upon ability and previous training. For the less experienced swimmers the entry route might be through stroke improvers or others may go straight into the development squads. More experienced swimmers (usually those training already) will transfer to other squads.


Masters swimming is for anyone over the age of 19 not in the performance swimming squads. Our Masters are a lively and diverse group and we can offer training for a wide range of abilities including for those who are interested in Triathlon.  Please complete the trial form and 

Water Polo

Water polo is available to swimmers 12+ Please fill in in the online trial form and clearly indicate WATER POLO on the form

Disability Swimmers

Depending on swimming ability Disability swimmers will either enter the club through the normal routes above or untilise the Enable sessions to get a start in the sport.  You should fill in the trial form but if you wish to discuss specific needs feel free to contact the club line and discuss specifics. 

How do I Join?

The best way to start is to fill in the online trial application form (click on the box at the top of this page) and sign up for a free trial swim. You can also contact the clubline 01494 410075 or email [email protected] for more information.

How do Trials Work ?

We hold membership trials every month except during the summer. The trials are used as a way to assess the current level of the swimmer and the most suitable place in the club to start.

Trials are normally held once or twice a month on a Saturday morning at Wycombe Leisure Centre. You must contact the club to book a place on a trial. Trialists arriving on the day without booking cannot be accepted to swim.

Once you have been accepted to join a trial, you will be informed of the date and time of your trial.

Please be aware that demand for trials is high and you may not be invited to the next scheduled trial, you may be given a date in the future, if the next scheduled trial is over-subscribed.

Are places limited?

The club is very popular and there are limits to our ability to swimmers into some sessions. Until the club can secure more pool time there is a risk that we may have to delay you starting.  We will discuss this fully with you but we cannot guarantee that a suitable space will be available.

What is Bronze Academy?

The Bronze Academy is an integrated program in conjunction with the Aquazone Lesson Program at Wycombe Leisure Centre. The purpose of the Bronze Academy is to encourage swimmers to continue in their learn-to-swim program, whilst getting a taste of club swimming and benefiting from additional time in the water in a club environment.

The academy is selective and swimmers must be talented, committed and the right age. Selection is made by Wycombe Swimming Club Coaching Staff and we are looking for talented 7 to 9 year olds to join the academy.

Can you Teach me to Swim?

Sorry we do not teach swimming this is as part of the partnership with the Wycombe Leisure Centre. Other local swim schools also feed into our squads.

How do I transfer from another club?

Please contact the club and discuss your requirements via email or the club line phone number.  We will need to understand the level you are swimming at and your race times.  We can then discuss a trial in the most appropriate squads.  We may ask you to meet with our coaching team to discuss your training.

The standard of the Wycombe performance squads are high, transferring from a top squad in another club will not necessarily equate to the Wycombe performance squads. Our competitive squads have standards and training times equivalent or better than many clubs top offerings.

What is or Who are “Swim Admin”?

Swim admin Nicky and Fiona are the administration service we use to run payments, general enquiries and trials for the club. They are the face of the club you will meet if come to Wycombe and can help you with your account and general enquiries.

Please remember that they are not the coaching team or the club management but they can put you in contact with the right people to help you on your swimming journey. You can contact them at [email protected]