Club Structure

Our club structure facilitates suitable and progressive squads/hours in order to allow swimmers to reach their full potential. The club has three main sections:

  • Performance Section - Swimmers competing at English, British & International Level
  • Competitive Section - The main pathway through the club; from Academy, through Potential, to our Competitive Squads
  • Development Section - An offering for mainly fitness and participation, or supporting other sports and interests

Our Compeititve and Performance section aims to be in line with (and develops swimmers to be in line with) the recently launched OADF (Optimal Athlete Development Framework) which is a development from the older version of the "ASA Long Term Athlete Development" model.

The structure of our club allows swimmers to access appropriate training for their level, age and training ability; whilst building to their long term objectives.

Squad Criteria

Swimmers are assessed by the coaching staff when they join WDSC and based on the swimmers age and ability they are assigned to the appropriate training squad. During their membership of WDSC swimmers progress will be assessed by the coaches and they will be moved up through the different squads in accordance with their individual ability and personal goals. As a member of WDSC swimmers are expected to attend all training sessions as advised by the coaching staff. Failure to do so may prevent your swimmer reaching their full potential, result in slow progression up the squad hierarchy and could jeopardise your swimmers place in their squad.