Wycombe Masters

Masters swimming is club swimming for adults. Traditionally it was for adults aged 25 years+, but it now incorporates the 19-24 years age group as well. 

Wycombe has a thriving Masters section and is split generally into 3 areas:

  • Swimmers training for pool competitions
  • Swimmers training for open qater, triathlon or other multi-sport events
  • Swimmers training for technique improvement or for fitness benefits

Our Masters squads have an array of sessions available, however, for some sessions there are now waiting lists, whereas for others we have some room.

Whilst our weekday morning sessions are generally prioritised for our competitive Masters, some Masters that don't compete are able to access these sessions. Currently these are the sessions, which are at capacity.

We also offer sessions in the evening and we currently have some space in these sessions. Our Sunday morning session offers more of a "Stroke Skills" session that takes place at Godstowe School and it is a technique intensive session. 

If you want to train for competition or get involved in adult swimming for whatever reason then WDSC is the place for you. We work in partnership with Places Leisure (pool operator), who also offer adult tuition; so if we believe you need this before joining Masters, we will recommend these initial steps first.

If you are considering joining our Masters Squad then please complete a TRIAL FORM, found on the homepage,  We will then be able to let you know we will be able to help you progress, or recommend the next steps on your swimming journey.



Squad Aims & Objectives

To enjoy swimming training as part of a supportive Masters community and wherever possible to compete in swimming, open water or triathlon competitions at a level that is suitable for each individual. 

Support, promote and abide by the:

WDSC Core Values

WDSC Code of Conduct


Ages                            Based on the 31st of December of each year.

Male Female            25 years and over (Senior category 19-24 years)


Session allocations     

Sessions will be allocated based on availability within those sessions and through consultation with the Head of Competitive & Development, plus any other coaches as required. Should masters wish to include certain sessions within their training programme then they will need to request this from SwimAdmin. Each session has a maximum capacity and therefore waiting lists for sessions may be used. Maximum capacities of all sessions are determined by the Head Coach in line with Swim England policy.

Cancelled sessions     

Wherever possible we aim to run all sessions year-round, or provide alternative sessions. However, some sessions will be cancelled due to Bank Holidays and major events taking place at the pool. There may also be slight changes over Christmas, Easter, and August. Swimmers are not permitted to swap sessions or attend additional/alternative sessions. In exceptional circumstance, this may be approved by the Head Coach on a case-by-case basis.


WDSC offers an extensive and inclusive Masters programme and wherever possible we aim to cater for all training aspirations, from technical input to endurance training to sprint training etc. However, due to available space and length of our sessions we will gear some sessions to cater for a specific aspect. Swimmers that attend more sessions will experience more balance over the week – just like any other squad at the Club. Wherever possible, swimmers are encouraged to communicate with the sessional coach to ensure that they are aware of:

  • Your training goals
  • Your competition goals

Based on this, the coaches will be able to support you better, albeit within a squad environment.


Masters are encouraged to attend all their allocated sessions, each week wherever possible. Should the Admin team or coaching team notice that attendance has dropped then we may need to discuss reducing your programme at Wycombe in order to fully utilise sessions and enable other master’s the opportunity to attend sessions.

Swim etiquette           

Swimmers are reminded of the swimmer's code of conduct (link above) and that good etiquette is required at all times and in line with our Core Values. Swim England behaviour policies apply and as adults, swimmers are expected to set a good example to all swimmers in the Club. 

Key areas of note are:

- Completing the set on the required turn-arounds for that lane

- Swimming with consideration in the lane that you are training within

- Allowing others to pass at a suitable time (I.e. at the end of the lane)

- At all times making existing and new members feel welcome and a part of  the WDSC Masters Team



Masters are reminded that our WDSC Welfare team are always contactable for matters arising which require the support and guidance from the team. The welfare team can be contacted on [email protected]

Invitation only            

Some sessions are designated as ‘Invitational only’. Currently Tuesday AM is one of these and this is due to the space available, and the type of training being delivered. Wherever possible, these sessions will be prioritised for competitive (pool, open water and triathlon) masters who have good attendance already and are able to maintain the rate of training required at these sessions. Since these sessions are invitational, they can be taken away and a Masters swimmer would then be uninvited to these sessions. This could, for example, be due to their inability to maintain suitable training levels.        

Lane Allocations         

The coaches will place swimmers into suitable lanes at all sessions. Any queries relating to this should be directed to the lead coach of each session and/or the Head of Competitive and Development.


WDSC has an expectation that masters will aim to compete in some/all of the following:

  • Bracknell Masters Event
  • County Masters Championships
  • WDSC Club Championships

Where possible, Masters would look to compete at:

  • Regional Masters Championships (SC & LC)
  • National Masters Championships (SC & LC)
  • European Masters Championships (LC every two years)

Dependant on the sport that our Masters are training for, they may also wish to compete in:

  • Triathlon events
  • Duathlon events
  • Pentathlon events
  • Non-swimming events

If requested by the Coaching Team, swimmers would need to make themselves available for:

  • Masters' relays at Bracknell, County and Regionals events
  • Inclusion in the County and Regional Senior Championships
  • Arena National League

Relay Teams process  

The Masters Club Captain will request authorisation for the entering of relay teams at various events. Once these are authorised, the Masters Captains will select a suitable team that is generally based on the fastest available first principle. 

Should masters not wish to participate or are not available then replacements will be identified. 

The Club Captains will sign off the relay teams with the Head of Competitive Swimming & Development Coach and these teams cannot be changed, unless there is a:

  • Medical emergency preventing a swimmer from racing
  • Selected and confirmed swimmer withdrawing 
  • Any other unforeseen issue

In such circumstances, the Masters Captain at the event will have the authorisation to make any reasonable changes required to the team. 

WhatsApp Group       

Masters will automatically be added to the Masters Information WhatsApp Group. This is a group for information only and items will be posted by the coaches, admin team or Masters Captain as and when required. Masters will also have the opportunity to join the social group where all Masters can contribute!


Masters Squads & Training Times can be found HERE

Training Changes can be found HERE