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UPDATED 30/03/2014

New Records 2014

MAR 14Luke ThomasGlasgowM17500 IM (LC)4:35.79
MAR 14Josie SearleMaidenheadF1350 BRST(SC)0:35.92
MAR 14Josie SearleMaidenheadF13100 IM (SC)1:11.00
MAR 14Fiona ShawMaidenheadF18400 FREE (SC)4:23.21
MAR 14Fiona ShawMaidenheadFOPEN400 FREE (SC)4:23.21
MAR 14Relay TeamWycombeFOPEN4 * 50 FREE (LC)1:53.98
MAR 14Relay TeamWycombeFOPEN4 * 50 MED (LC)2:09.42
MAR 14Relay TeamWycombeMOPEN4 * 50 MED (LC)1:54.80
MAR 14Luke ThomasWycombeM16800 FREE (LC)8:47.56
MAR 14Luke ThomasWycombedM161500 FREE (LC)16:39.99
MAR 14Luke ThomasWycombeMOPEN1500 FREE (LC)16.39.99
MAR 14Matthew TellingMaidenheadM9200 BRST (SC)3:29.72
MAR 14Cameron BrookerMaidenheadM11100 BACK (SC)1:12.20
MAR 14Cameron BrookerMaidenheadM11200 BACK (SC)2:29.51
MAR 14Luke ThomasMaidenheadM16200 BRST (SC)2:27.01
MAR 14Luke ThomasMaidenheadM16400 IM (SC)4:33.16
MAR 14Luke ThomasMaidenheadM16100 BRST (SC)1:09.67
MAR 14Josie SearleMaidenheadF1350 BRST (SC)0:36.51
MAR 14Fiona ShawMaidenheadF1850 FLY (SC)0:30.56
FEB 14Tony LewisLeagueM40-44100 BRST (SC)1:19.73
FEB 14Kathryn ReidWycombeF9100 FLY (LC)1:42.36
FEB 14Kathyrn ReidWycombeF9100 BRST (LC)1:49.12
FEB 14Kathryn ReidWycombeF9200 BRST (LC)3:41.69
FEB 14Kathryn ReidWycombeF9400 IM (LC)7:29.67
FEB 14Lauren JonesWycombeF1450 FLY (LC)0:31.30
FEB 14Matthew TellingWycombeM9200 BRST (LC)3:39.43
FEB 14Thomas SansomeWycombeM1050 FLY (LC)0:34.48
FEB 14Cameron BrookerWycombeM1150 BACK(LC)0:35.83
FEB 14Cameron BrookerWycombeM11400 IM (LC)5:46.85
FEB 14Timur GulyiyenWycombeM1250 BRST (LC)0:38.00
FEB 14Luke ThomasWycombeM16100 BRST (LC)1:11.07
FEB 14Andrew AllumWycombeM40400 FREE (LC)4:59.23
JAN 14Millie SansomePortsmouthF1250 FREE (LC)0:30.38

Swimmers with NEW times in the All Time Top 10! Abby Matthews, Andrew Au, Ayodele Evanson, Bethany Hirst, Bethany Walford, Christopher Harbour, Christy Sadler, Ciara Connick-Linley, Connor Lewis, Daniel Manners, Danielle Kidd, Emilia Sansome, Emily Cannon, Emily Gladding, Ethan Carter, Francine Kidd, George Longhurst, Harriet Pugh, Harry Engall, Henry Clark, Isabelle Baxter, James Baxter, Jan Poulton, Joshua Howard, Katherine Lees, Kathryn Reid, Lara Reed, Lauren Jones, Matthew Penning-Lambert, Natasha Garry, Nicholas Reid, Rachel Cox, Sarah Collin, Sophie Millen, Thomas Ross, Thomas Sansome
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